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Market summary for 1 June 2023
  • The Nigerian bourse closed on a positive note as the ASI gained 7bps. The index is up 8.89% YTD.
  • CONOIL (+9.92%) topped the gainers chart while FTNCOCOA (-9.88%) topped the losers table on the day.           
  • ACCESSCORP led the volume chart with 51.31m and ZENITHBANK led the value chart with N1.09bn.
  • A total of 30 stocks gained points while 20 stocks lost points.
Sector update
  • The NGX Banking Index gained 95bps on STERLINGNG (+9.76%), JAIZBANK (+8.26%), WEMABANK (+2.50%), and FIDELITYBK (+1.96%). UBA (-1.01%) and ACCESSCO (-0.81%) lost points.
  • The NGX Consumer Goods Index lost 26bps on CHAMPION (-9.62%), CADBURY (-6.18%), and NB (-2.03%). NASCON (+1.97%), FLOURMILL (+0.86%), and PZ (+0.59%) gained points.
  • The NGX Oil and Gas Index gained 227bps on CONOIL (+9.92%), ETERNA (+9.74%), and TOTAL (+2.32%).
  • The NGX Industrial Index closed flat.
Earnings update


Market commentary

Value traded dropped by 69.85% to $12.30m. The Nigerian bourse saw reduced activities today, as market sentiments were mixed in most spaces. A number of quality names found their settling points after moving in both directions in the last 2 days. The banking stocks continued to show the most activities in the day’s session, much of which were outside of crosses. We expect market sentiments to remain mixed tomorrow.


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